Welcome to the blog, and to Dan and Darlene

Welcome to Rise Up and Teach.  On this website you will hear from both Dan and Darlene, husband and wife team homeschooling our two girls, Eden (almost 9) and Jael (almost 7).  We see homeschooling as a lifestyle and love it!  We want to give you the encouragement to embrace this lifestyle too.   If you want to learn more about us, check out our “about us” page.

We’ve owned the domain riseupandteach.com for a few years now, and have often had the idea to blog (well, mostly Darlene), but just never got around to it consistently.

This past spring, both of us were first time attendees to a homeschool convention.  It was awesome!  We both walked away motivated and encouraged from both the content presented, but in also knowing there are so many more out there like us.  After the conference, we talked a lot about how wonderful this lifestyle is, and our strong passion and desire to share it with others, so we decided to start up this website to do just that.  To share in our passion for the homeschooling lifestyle!

On this blog you will find posts by Darlene and post by Dan (Husband and Wife).  You will find our perspective on home education from our similar, yet unique points of view as a mom and a dad. We want to encourage those thinking of homeschooling, we want to encourage those already homeschooling, and we also want to learn more from all of you!

We look forward to sharing our homeschool lifestyle with you.

Be faithful. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be adventurous. Be balanced. Be together.

– Dan & Darlene

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