Seeing Home Education as a Lifestyle

Dan and I will share stories about us on this blog. Our family, our lifestyle, our adventures.  Every family is different; remember that!  If you find joy and peace in what you do, then great!  That is wonderful.  Just because I say I will never join a homeschool co-op doesn’t mean I don’t think you should.  (And who knows, I might change my mind someday!)  I want to encourage you to think differently, look outside the box, and see your family as a lifestyle.  Enjoy your life.  Enjoy your spouse.  Enjoy your kids.

In particular, for those who home educate (or are thinking about it), embrace homeschooling as a lifestyle.  Once I started doing that, I felt happier and more relaxed.

Let me give you some examples that have worked for us.

  1. Breakfast and books
  2. Museum and zoo trips
  3. A hike through the woods
  4. Boating on the Mississippi
  5. Setting up at church each week

Everything you do is education.  Learning is happening all the time.

Be faithful. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be adventurous. Be balanced. Be together.


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