Learning Happens Everywhere!

Learning happens everywhere you go. It starts with true curiosity. It starts with listening to everyone and observing one’s surroundings. Even for me, when I travel for work for example, I love to learn from everyone I come across. One of my favorite things to do is to engage with new people under new circumstances. One of the best ways I’ve done this while traveling is when I take an Uber ride. The drivers almost always are open to conversation and I’ve found drivers from all over the world, and many walks of life. From the Muslim women who shared her mind about western culture, the grandfather who offered much advice on child-rearing, to the Palestinian body builder who shared stories of travel, life and adventure.

Something can be learned from everyone and in every situation if you listen and you are truly curious.

That is the mindset that we have settled into and bring to our Homeschooling adventure as well. My wife has told me from reading about other homeschoolers that many tend to have a “school room” in their home where they conduct the majority of their education. We have chosen not to do that, and it is purposeful, in line with the philosophy I am referring to in this post. We want to encourage and advocate that learning happens everywhere. It can be at the kitchen table, in their bedrooms, downstairs in our creative space, outside with nature, on the back porch, or on a trip to the big city.

Reading, writing, arithmetic, and everything in-between can be done in all of these places. Learning is everywhere if you are open to it, it is everywhere if you are curious, it is everywhere if you listen.

Yes, learning is everywhere.

Be faithful. Be creative. Be thoughtful. Be adventurous. Be balanced. Be together.


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